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The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba E-Book    $15.00
.Harry Cohen Baba, the Garment Center Saint, went to the mountains (OK, the Catskill Mountains), and sat at the feet of the Great Ones - Henny, Benny, and yes, even Lenny - and came back with these healing jokes called Zen Cohens, which are designed to ignite a flash of enlightenment with a spark of laughter. Zen Cohens enlighten while they brighten, leave an aha in the wake of the ha-ha, and always impart some imparticle of wisdom. Actually, there are more than three-dozen jokes. There is a section in the appendix called "Laughed Overs" where we list jokes that didn't fit. The Appendix at the end also includes a step-by-step instructional called "How to Tell A Joke," and it is funny and informative. Many of these jokes are perfect for after-dinner speakers, and others better suited for "way after dinner." All are guaranteed to be hilarious, or double your laughter back! Amaze your friends - confound your enemies - laugh yourself silly.

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