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The Fool Enchilada CD Variety Pack (17)    $49.00
If you can't get enough of the Swami, we'll make you an offer you can't refuse -- the Fool Enchilada. Swami's Fool Enchilada Variety Pack -- $ 18 each, Five CDs for Jest $49!  Just like those old cereal variety packs, this offers something for everyone's taste. For those who are into metaphysics, there's DON'T SQUEEZE THE SHAMAN ... for music and studio "radio" comedy, DRIVE YOUR KARMA, CURB YOUR DOGMA.  For political junkies, SUPREME COURT JESTER ...For those who want to understand humor and laugh at the same time, BEYONDANANDA AND BEYOND.  And for Swami's latest and greatest, LIVE IN THE HERE AND NOW.  $49 includes US shipping.

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