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Wake Up Laughing and Leave Laughter in Your Wake: A Self-Paced Tutorial for Non-Comedians (and Comedians Too).    $99.00
A total immersion in humor and laughter -- at your own pace. The course consists of six 75-minute audio tutorial sessions:

It’s a Joke … Laugh. Why and how humor awakens, and how a simple playful mantra can transform your perspective, and your life
Laughter As Medicine. The fascinating research on laughter and health, and how you can use humor to heal (restore wholeness) physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
The Architecture of a Joke.A journey through the magic and alchemy of humor, and using humor to transform challenging situations
Self-Facing Laughter. How to laugh in the face of your own ego, and use levity to “rise up” to your highest self
Find the Joke Hidden In the Picture. Learn to see funnier, and extract wisdom, insight and joy from almost any situation
Practice Random Acts of Comedy. How to cultivate playfulness in every day life and use humor to build bridges — not blow them up

Six 45-minute interviews with awakened funny people, and funny awakened people:

Cosmic Comic Consciousness — A Buddhist Perspective, with Dean Sluyter, author of Cinema Nirvana, The Zen Commandments, and Why the Chicken Crossed the Road
How to Think Like da Vinci— and Smile Like Mona Lisa, with Michael Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
New Edge Comedy and the Sacred Clown, with Alicia Dattner, comedienne and performer (The Oy of Sex)
Boomer Humor with a Political Twist, with Richard Stockton, comic and performer (Are We There Yet?)
Humor, Laughter and the Brain, with Scott Weems, brain scientist and author of HA! The Science of When We Laugh and Why
Do You Want to Drive, Or Do You Want to Bitch? with Rabbi Sheldon Moss — outstanding insights on how to use humor so that “marital” doesn’t devolve into “martial”


An 85-page “Sillybus” to provide content and context for your total immersion in healing laughter and humor that awakens. Contains numerous hyperlinks to videos, research, and other source material. You’ll laugh while you learn and learn while you laugh.

Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba e-book so you have more than three dozen insightful (and sometimes inciteful) jokes to practice with. $129.00

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